Beauty and Brains. Now You Can Have Both.

Unique Four-Step Customization Process

When you join Heroic, we ask you four simple questions about your business... and based on your answers, we generate your ideal site, that's perfect for your niche/industry and your stage of business development.

Then it’s all yours to customize as much (or as little) as you want.

No more hunting for tired themes that don't fit your brand. No more trying to "shoehorn" your content into a site that doesn't quite fit what you do.

With Heroic you get a site, perfect for your business, because finally, you have total control, without needing to be a designer, a programmer or needing to hire them either.

Click. Boom. Beautiful Website.

Our intuitive drag n’ drop platform make it easy to have the beautiful website you've been wishing for that also gets results.

No technical expertise needed. No creativity required. Just the ability to use a mouse.

High-End Stock Images (At No Extra Cost)

It can be challenging to source free high-quality images and still stay "legal".

Typically, most stock images will set you back $5-$10 each -- but Heroic has you covered.

Your Heroic subscription includes tens of thousands of gorgeous, high-quality and completely free-to-use stock images that you search and drop right into your page -- all built-in.

Hundreds of new images get added each day, and you get access to everything as part of your subscription.

Thousands Saved, Thousands Earned

Not only does Heroic save you thousands per year in website expenses, you’ll also increase your income with more leads, sales, and clients from your website. How about that for ROI?

Advanced Plugin Functionality Included

Want to add a form to your page? Or a countdown timer to your sales page? Or a popup?

Most platforms require you track down and install plugins to get any kind of advanced functionality. Not Heroic -- all of the essential tools you need to supercharge your site are baked right in.

Just choose from Heroic’s build-in library of advanced features and go full-on Superhero.

12 More Reasons to Be Heroic

Pre-Built Industry-Specific Websites

Whatever you do, we have you covered with a constantly-updated, built-in library of website choices.

Massive Library of Ready-to-Go Modules

Hundreds of pre-built website modules, ready to go. Just drag'n'drop into your pages!

Global Style System (* Exclusive to Heroic)

Sitewide font & color style management system keeps your site effortlessly looking high quality.

Beautiful on Every Device (Cell Phones, Tablets & Computers)

No more nasty surprises. Look great on every device, right out of the gate.

Automatically Safe & Secure

Sit back & relax. We back up your site hourly, and updated with the latest security patches so it’s always safe from hackers.

Hosting’s on Us

Super-fast, unlimited hosting’s included free - saving you around $30/mo, right off the bat!

One-Click Integrations

We integrate with basically everything. If you’re using it, we can talk to it, so everything runs smoothly.

Search Engine & SEO Friendly

Heroic is 100% SEO-friendly, guaranteed to move your site UP the rankings, so your prospects find you more easily.

24/7 Support

24/7 live chat support from our friendly, knowledgeable support agents.

Grow Your List with Popups

Grow your list faster with our beautiful popups, baked into your site, right from the start.

Unprecedented Image Flexibility

Finally, images will fit your site perfectly, thanks to our next-generation image management tools.

Effortless Evolution

We watch the trends, so your site can constantly evolve as you grow your business.


What You Receive in the Heroic Superhero Package

1 Year Enterprise Membership in Heroic (Value $1164)


  • Our highest-level 3-site package
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited stock images
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Popups
  • Advanced Marketing Functionality
  • Super Fast & Secure Hosting with Amazon Infrastructure

  • 100+ pre-built modules to mix-n-match millions of page combinations
  • Next-generation website editor platform
  • Full-featured blogging system
  • SEO Optimized
  • API access
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Private Facebook Group and Business Mastermind Community
  • Twice-Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls

Access to Your Website in a Weekend (Value $997)

You'll discover:

  • Gain an "insane" level of clarity on exactly why your site isn't delivering results and what your "path to cash" looks like.
  • Learn there are in fact THREE ways your website can help grow your business, and how to make the quick fix required to flip the switch on big money
  • Discover how to choose a memorable branded URL that positions you & what you do perfectly
  • You'll learn what your business' "must have" pages are, and how to leverage them powerfully to build your business:
  • Create the perfect "call to action" for each page of your website to fill your funnel with as many leads as you can handle
  • Little known conversion strategies you can use on each and every page of your site to inspire maximum conversion of visitors into action-takers and buyers
  • Create high-value gifts, template, tool or spreadsheet ("ethical bribes") so that your visitors have no choice but to opt-in for what you're offering, priming the pump for sales
  • How to create a funnel that will first encourage those subscribers to consume your gift, and then go on to become buyers
  • The specific words you should be using to maximize conversions
  • How the "pros" use "color palettes" to send the right signals about their brand in just 3 seconds that powerfully sets them apart
  • The 4 essential font styles your site needs to be taken seriously. Most people have too few or too many and both are real "deal-killers" for your credibility
  • Learn the right way to do your signature photo - the photo that truly captures who you are and instantly attracts your ideal client – on your website and your social media profiles
  • And finally, you'll learn the tricks to finding the right stock imagery for your site that sends the right signals and doesn't instantly undermine all your hard-won credibility, making the sale that much harder
  • How to write headlines that compel massive action - what are the kinds of words to use? What are the words to never use?
  • We'll also cover how to write calls-to-action that are short, punchy and really convey the benefit of what it is you're offering
  • And finally, we'll talk about the new way to write emails that actually get read.
  • And much, much more...

Regular Success Coaching & Training

You'll benefit from:

  • 2-4 Q&A coaching calls every month where you’ll be able to ask any questions you have and get help on your website
  • PLUS an exclusive private Facebook group and Business Mastermind community to get feedback and ideas for your business

Together, the entire package is valued at $4,573

But today, it's just one payment of $697

(Or 4 payments of $197.)

Naturally, there's a 14 day guarantee to decide if this is right for you.

Works With Everything You Need

  • and more...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you choose a prepaid option, you have 14 days to check out Heroic and see just how easy it is to set up your new beautiful site. If you decide you don’t want it, just let us know and we’ll cancel your account.

Nope! You get the benefit of our design and branding agency expertise with all the templates and elements of your site. Heroic requires no technical expertise or creativity to build your site -- just an ability to use a mouse. Plus, we’ll walk you through the elements of a high-converting site with Your Website in a Weekend training, where you’ll learn how to design your site to make money and how to build it in Heroic in just minutes.

Heroic is complete self-contained, containing all the tools that most people need to create their sites, saving you thousands a year on other software subscriptions that you'd ordinarily have to pay for separately. But we know our Superpower, so there are a few things that we DON’T do, including sending emails and “shopping cart stuff” and processing payments. We DO, however, play nice with all of the major software that does those things (and you can set it up in just three easy clicks).

Of course! We have a very economical site transfer service available, but a warning -- when you see how easy it is to build a new site using our gorgeous templates, you might not want to!

Short answer: no. Slightly less short answer: In business, the companies that do things really well are that ones that aren't afraid to put aside the distractions and focus on the ONE thing that's in their zone of genius.

For us, our zone of genius is in helping you build a beautiful, branded core business website that will grow your business. And you know what's not in our zone of genius? Membership sites. There's just so much to get "right" with membership sites, we know that if we tried to add it, we'd just end up doing it "half-assed", and that's just not the “Heroic” way.

So, that's why we decided to focus on integrating via API with every single tool out there on the market, which makes it easy for you to pick a tool that exactly serves your needs.

Here's a list of great membership site resources you can check out:

We actually recommend hosting your membership site on a different URL than your main site, so if you already have a membership site, you can keep it just the way it is.

Wordpress was originally conceived and built as a blogging platform and has some serious drawbacks. Even worse, when you add up all the extra, hidden expenses of build a site in Wordpress, you’ll be glad you didn’t. Here's an article that exposes all of Wordpress' hidden costs they don't tell you about.

Yes, absolutely. We provide a download file of your entire site -- you'll get all of the HTML and CSS files that you'll need to take your pages anywhere else you wish to go. The process of getting up and running on your new platform depends largely on which platform you choose, and if you choose Wordpress, which theme you choose. Each platform, and within Wordpress, each theme, requires a different setup and coding.

It’s important to bear in mind that even if you’re already in Wordpress, going from one theme to another would require a recode, so you don’t lose any flexibility or put yourself at a disadvantage by trying Heroic.

We designed Heroic with YOU in mind, especially if you hate tech! If you can drag and drop, you can use Heroic. No complicated settings, no code, and making changes is super easy with our visual page builder. It’s also easy to make changes site-wide with the click of a button.

Ask yourself this: is your website an asset to your business, or just an expense? Do you feel a little embarrassed when you share it with people? Is it bringing in consistent leads, income, and sales? Imagine knowing that your website is making 100 or even 1000 times more than you’re spending on it. Would that be worth it to you?

That’s what we’ve designed Heroic to be: one of the biggest assets in your business, without the tech and design headaches.

Heroic integrates directly via API with every single tool out there on the market. And if it doesn’t integrate with the tool you use, most likely we’ll be able to make that happen too.

Absolutely - with Heroic you can build landing pages, sales pages, and other funnel pages in just a few clicks.

Short answer, no. Longer answer, we tried to build this on Wordpress to start with, but it was just too slow, insecure and unstable to pull off what we needed. Read more here about why Wordpress is now becoming less popular in the website world.

Good question, and you should determine whether you trust a company in the same way venture capital investors do. Who’s running it? Who’s the team behind it? The people behind Heroic are Marisa Murgatroyd and Murray Gray -- the owners of ultra-successful branding agency Live Your Message, the game-changing innovationists behind brands and platforms of industry-leading 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs.

They’re bringing their vast marketing, branding and technical expertise to business owners in the form of beautiful websites, designed to convert. The platform is such a gamechanger that Bill Baren Coaching has also invested.

The incredible deal we have going on for our official launch will only be able until midnight Pacific on May 12th. Anyone joining after then won't be guaranteed that the same low price will be available.

“With Heroic I made 5K in a week!!”

My experience with Heroic was that I was instantly able to make my sales page and website look fabulous and it was exactly how I wanted it to look…

I had spent months fiddling round in Squarespace trying to get my pages to look how I wanted and also to get them to function how I want them to but I just couldn’t seem to do it. I ended up getting frustrated and just spinning my wheels and not launching or going anywhere with my new business.

I was so excited when I started, and within 2 weeks I had my sales page and my website all done!

I am really fussy about combining the latest marketing techniques with gorgeous design and I was able to do it with Heroic. I didn’t have to sacrifice one for the other which was important to me.

I have now been able to launch my program twice in a short space of time and get my business off the ground. I am super happy with the results. The first time I ever marketed with my Heroic sales page I made 3K in a week. Amazing! Then I updated my sales page again which is so easy to do in Heroic and I made 5K in a week!

I have also been getting lots of compliments about my website and sales page and people have been asking me how I did it as it looks sooooo good and obviously my sales results speak for themselves.

I highly recommend Heroic as a shortcut to getting your business off the ground.

Kat Walters

“This is absolutely BRILLIANT.”

However, it's EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Aggravating that I've already tried to start setting things up with website builder, which looked good until I saw THIS. I had several attempts, only ending with frustration.

You've given me all the pages I didn't know how to create, and instructions that I think even I could follow.

This is absolutely BRILLIANT.

Ron Ireland

“With Heroic, we generated $60,000 in a month"

I have no experience building websites. I am completely tech challenged and I needed a website built within hours. To add to that, I am obsessed with details, a control freak, and a total snob for beautiful design. This seems like a recipe for disaster… unless you have Heroic.

I used Heroic to build a website overnight!! It is so intuitive that even a person with zero tech savvy can look like a total rockstar. Instead of wanting to pull my hair out, it was so user-friendly, that I found my energy being spent on being creative in the design process. And for the design snob in me, Heroic has amazing features like keeping your colors, fonts, and headings all organized. It sets you up to look like a total PRO.

When I sent people to my website, I had so many people fall in love with the site! When they found out I did it myself, they thought I was trying to keep my web designer a secret. Heroic gave me everything I wanted…control, high end design, and the ability to do it fast and with ease. Heroic is a game changer, no degree in web design required.

So what happens when you have a web presence that people take seriously? Intrigue, credibility, and SALES. With our Heroic site, we generated 60k in sales within the month. Keep in mind, this is starting with nothing. No website, no online presence outside of Facebook, and no list. Starting a company means you have to step outside of what you love to do and do everything that needs to be done…sometimes that includes building a website. Heroic gives the solopreneur the edge that bigger companies with bigger budgets have. You can be one person at your kitchen table, but you don’t have to look like it, and you shouldn’t.

Davina Detrik
Creator, THRIVExperience Masterclass

“Heroic truly makes it "point & click" easy.”

Compared to my old site, my new one is much easier to navigate and is responsive.

The quality of the graphics improved tremendously, fonts look better and Heroic truly makes it "point & click" easy to edit and add new pages and blog posts that look great!

Aiyappan Menon

“This platform is such a game-changer... it’s going to take over.”

A professional, sexy and strategic website is a barrier for SO many entrepreneurs especially financially. It's just SOOO easy now with this.

I'm a self taught wordpress hacker and pretty savvy with most all page builders etc. The default style and functionality Heroic provides is so next level.

I have been mulling over and hacking dozens of wordpress themes for the last 2 years just so they could look like and function EXACTLY like these templates do lol, not too mention i STILL dont have my site up because of how much the site cant truly do what I know I want it to.

I jumped in with your pre-builts and made what i was looking for in about 5 minutes!

Nathaniel Solace

“We generated 60k in sales within the month!”

I suffered from website shame and felt professionally irrelevant until Heroic. Heroic has set me free as an online business owner.

Creating a visually stunning website has been effortless. Within minutes I can create beautiful webpages that are perfectly on point with my brand and automate them. It’s such a time and money saver because it isn’t complicated. Plus you are supported by an amazing team that delivers impeccable customer service. When you find a platform that makes the effort you put into building a website feel effortless, you’ve struck gold. I feel ignited about how elegant my website looks to the outside world. And I feel confident because I have the freedom to execute just about anything I want now.

Heroic has simplified the technical side of my business and for the first time feel free to focus on delivering the best content possible and launching my programs and services with poise. I would strongly recommend Heriok to business owners who are looking for an easy but stunning platform that gives you a lot of professional and creative freedom to do and express what you do best.

Heroic has totally changed my professional life. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel very emotional. You are making such an amazing impact on people and businesses. You are also setting an impeccable standard for your students. You allow us to reach father and step higher. Your work matters so much. Thank you for everything you are creating and even still adding to Heroic!

Melanie Kastner

“This isn't just pretty - it's actually designed for conversion”

The best part of Heroic for me is knowing that the templates are based on the same designs these folks developed for the top seven-, eight- and nine-figure online businesses. Having layouts create by the online world's brand masters means I’m not just getting something that looks pretty, but that is actually designed for conversion.

Robyn Landis

"My conversions have increased"

I was super reluctant to spend more money on website designs but I decided to give Heroic a try. I was blown away by how easy and intuitive it was to build my site. (I procrastinated forever, but once I got in I built it super quick.) Murray was just simply incredible. He answered all my questions and went way above and beyond to help me integrate all my systems and email.

The site is beautiful it reflects who I am and what I do. The best part is that since I'm constantly creating and writing it's so easy to go in there and add new posts, new pages and change things around instantly. I don't have to wait for a developer to put things up. I don't have the patience for that!

Since I've switched my website my conversions have increased, people reach out to me and opt-into my list, and I've attracted some fantastic collaborations with JV partners and affiliates as well as speaking engagements.

If you've been struggling trying to create a nice website just go with heroic. It loops around Wordpress (I created 6 sites previously) with such ease and you can create anything from opt-in pages, landing pages, and anything in between.

If I need to build a more websites I'm definitely going with heroik! I love their team. Thank you! Elena Estanol

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